About Us

All About the Goods

   All the jewelry you see for sale here is handmade by me. I'm a professionally trained artist and I use my knowledge to keep these pieces to the highest standard of quality. In other words, I'm a perfectionist, so I don't feel comfortable sending my customers anything but the best! You can be sure that all the designs you see are unique, and as long as you treat them properly, these pieces will last decades. They're perfect gifts for fantasy enthusiasts, Renaissance Fair revelers, Celtic folklore buffs, and anyone who appreciates nature. Many of the themes I use as inspiration are from Irish, Scottish, and Welsh myths, so you can feel like you're wearing a link to your heritage. Plus, they're great conversation starters ;)

   My jewelry pieces are made-to-order. So while you might not have your new necklace as fast as you would get one from Amazon Prime, you are getting a high-quality and unique piece literally made just for you! If you value craftsmanship and beauty in your jewelry, you can find it in my work. 


About the Artist


   Hi, my name's Allie! A lot of people ask me when I started drawing. Most assume I started at a very young age, but compared to my peers, I started pretty late! My passion didn't spark until my junior year in high school. I took Art 1 that year as a prerequisite for graphic design, as I wanted to be a web designer. Needless to say, things didn't go as planned!

   Instead of websites, I set my mind on becoming an illustrator. I went on to attend Maryland Institute College of Art and graduated with a BFA in Illustration.

   Four years after my graduation, I opened Silver Lily Studio. Most of the art you see is fantasy themed, with a heavy dose of Celtic mythology thrown in. My own Irish heritage drives my interest in Celtic lore. Nature and wildlife was a huge part of Celtic traditions, hence the heavy use of animals and plants in my works.

   My artistic journey is fluid and ever-changing. I love exploring new media and I'm humbled to be able to share it all with you. My products are the result of practice, emotion, and personal pride. I hope you enjoy them!