Blodeuwedd Topaz Bracelet

THIS ITEM IS MADE TO ORDER! Please allow 1 - 2 business weeks for it to be made and shipped
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Length: 6.25" with 2" extension chain

Materials: Topaz, freshwater pearls, Swarovski pearls, sterling silver wire, silver plated filigree


Blodeuwedd is the Welsh goddess of flowers and spring. Her symbols are flowers and owls. This intensely beautiful goddess' name means "flower face", because magicians fashioned her visage from oak, meadowsweet, and broom flowers.


Bracelet is 6.25" with 2" extension chain. It's made with beaded topaz and sterling silver wire, Swarovski pearls, and silver plated filigree ornament.


You can buy this in a set with the matching necklace and earrings as well:


Please note! The product photographed is not the exact product you will get, due to this being a made-to-order item. Because this necklace is made with natural items (topaz), there is likely to be slight imperfections in these parts of the necklace. Each topaz stone has its own qualities, and what may look like a "crack" or break in the stone, is actually natural and called an "inclusion". It does not mean the stone is broken or is going to break!