Caer & Aengus Blank Card

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The Myth of Caer and Aengus:

This is a very condensed version of the myth. Caer Ibormeith was a Celtic goddess of dreams and prophecy. She often took the form of a swan with a golden necklace. One night she visited the Celtic god of love and beauty, Aengus, in his sleep, where he fell in love with her. When he awoke, he sought out her father for permission to woo her. Her father told Aengus that he could marry her if he could pick out Caer from a group of 150 swans on the lake. He found her and called her to him, and asked her to be his wife. She agreed wholeheartedly, on the condition that he, too, turn into a swan. And so together they flew over the lake, singing a song so sweet that it lulled everyone who heard it to sleep for three days.

This 4" x 5.5" card comes with an envelope and sealed in a protective sleeve.