About the Artist

   Hi, my name's Allie! I'm the artist and owner of this studio. I opened up Silver Lily Studio four years after I graduated art school, and let me tell you, it's been quite a journey! At first I was focused solely on painting, as I had gone to school for. But the nature of an artist is always changing, so my creativity somehow found its way to jewelry. I take immense pride in my creations, and my customers can tell.

   Silver Lily Studio is focused on two things: creating unique, high quality jewelry and giving its customers personalized service. This operation is a one-woman business, and I do everything from making the jewelry, to packaging and shipping, to customer service. The jewelry is made with high quality materials, and most pieces are made-to-order. As such, sizes can be customized. I can guarantee the product you receive will be nothing but the best!

Our brand is also committed to using ethical materials and giving back to our local community.