What Is Ethical Jewelry?

“Ethical jewelry” refers to jewelry that has been made with socially and environmentally conscious methods. Ethical materials used to make the jewelry are able to be traced back to their original source. For gemstones, this means making sure the mine and cutting facility practices safe and healthy work environments, and that the workers are paid a fair wage.

For metals, ethical practices also include using recycled metals. Recycled metals are no less pure than mined metals. Recycled metals are made from scraps, scrapings, filings, and sometimes electronics, that are processed and then refined back into pure precious metals.

On top of that, the actual creation of the jewelry pieces also needs to be made with ethical practices, and all companies involved from mine to market must guarantee no human rights abuses, no child labor, and no war profits.

So, how does Silver Lily Studio ensure the jewelry it sells is ethical? For one, all the materials we use are bought from suppliers who are committed to sustainable environmental and socially conscious practices. Most of our metals and stones come from Rio Grande, who is one of the world’s biggest suppliers to the jewelry industry. Their gemstones are able to be traced from mine to market. They also use a vast amount of recycled metals for their findings and fabrication metals. The few other suppliers we use are researched thoroughly before purchases are made, to make sure their materials are up to our ethical standard.

In addition to buying from reputable suppliers, all pieces are hand made in the studio by one artist. No factories are manufacturing our pieces, which means you don’t have to worry about inadvertently supporting a manufacturer that abuses its employees.

And there you have it! I hope you enjoyed this bit of information, and that it helps you make informed decisions on your future jewelry purchases!